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Global Business

Today’s business isn’t confined to a building, city or even a country. Business students must have a global perspective to meet the demands of an exciting, interconnected world.

Neeley students at the Great Wall of China

To be successful, you must understand and respect other countries and cultures. The global business minor (exclusive to business majors) introduces you to the business and cultural processes of countries around the globe. Learn to be a better-informed, open-minded, responsible professional who understands how your actions affect both local and global communities. Note: This minor may not be added to majors outside the Neeley School.

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Programs Offered

Sample Courses

  • Global Business Perspectives
  • International Finance
  • International Management
  • International Marketing
  • Global Supply Chain Marketing
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Special Admission Requirements

  • Major in Accounting, BIS, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Finance with Real Estate, Managing People and Organizations, Marketing or Supply Chain
  • Proficiency in a second language

Our Faculty

Our professors teach, research and partner with institutions and corporations around the world to put you in touch with VIPs from China to London, Peru to France, to give you a global perspective of business and life.

What Sets Us Apart

Center for Responsible Global Business and Policy – The center supports the Global Business Minor with study abroad programs, semester abroad programs and international internships. Professors from all majors utilize the center to identify opportunities for international research and visiting faculty.

Study Abroad – Our six Study Abroad opportunities offer you first-hand insight into how the business world is intricately linked, while encouraging your curiosity and openness to cultural differences and similarities.

Career Prospects

Cultural understanding and a global outlook are valuable assets to employers across all industries.