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Do you want to maximize wealth for a company or personal investor? 然后金融 适合你的专业.

Hand calculating a stock program

A finance career focuses on adding value utilizing proper consideration of the risk-return relationship, integrating financial skills with concepts from economics and accounting to make wealth-enhancing decisions. Investment specialists evaluate and select securities, manage investment portfolios and raise capital to finance business, government and 私人需求. Financial officers manage investments, oversee forecasting and budgeting, raise and allocate funds, perform cost analysis and formulate financial and credit 操作策略.

We offer finance as a BBA and a minor. For graduate studies, students pursuing a full-time MBA can add corporate finance or investments as a concentration.

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  • 投资
  • 货币银行学
  • Financial Management
  • 金融建模
  • 国际 金融
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Special 入学 Requirements

  • Attend the Neeley School’s First-Year Symposium
  • Pass Microsoft certification
  • 保持平均绩点2.5或更高
  • Complete 24 credit hours at end of your first year


Our professors are foremost experts on capital markets and financial instruments. 他们会 engage you in meaningful dialogue, critical thinking and ethical decision 使. Our students consistently rank them highly for mentorship, academic experience and teaching quality. Their financial research and insights are featured in prestigious publications and media outlets.


Educational Investment Fund - Work with fellow undergrads and MBAs to manage a $1M portfolio of stocks and bonds. That’s right: Students make every decision. You’ll execute trades, make proposals and learn diversification. In short, you’ll experience the real risks and rewards that professionals face every day.

LKCM Center for Financial Studies - Enhance your degree with influential partnerships, networking, internships and opportunities. Rub elbows with the best investment minds in 这个国家 at TCU’s annual Investment Strategies Conference.

Transaction and Investment Professionals Board – Prominent TCU alumni work with you to get you in front of the right people. 他们会 edit your résumé, help you with interview skills and introduce you to top firms across 这个国家.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – TCU provides CFA exam prep so you can obtain the ultimate credential in the financial 世界.

TCU Financial Management Association – Hear from speakers from the best companies in the Metroplex, get tutoring for finance classes, enjoy networking opportunities and more.


金融 is one of the highest paying college majors. Financial analysts make nearly 每年$85,000(美国.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Employment is projected to grow 11 percent over the next 10 years. Brokerage firms, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, real estate companies and numerous other companies employ finance graduates in a variety of roles.