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Phi Beta Kappa at TCU

For fifty years, TCU has been among the elite 10 percent of American universities that meet the rigorous academic standards required to have a Phi Beta Kappa chapter.

Ed Landreth Hall外的教员

Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society. Its motto, “love of learning is the guide of life,” perfectly expresses TCU’s commitment to a quality liberal arts education and dedication to a lifetime of enquiry. In 1971 our chapter— Delta of Texas — became the fourth chapter granted in the state.

Phi Beta Kappa Pin
Phi Beta Kappa Pin

Phi Beta Kappa的遗产包括17名美国大学毕业生.S. 总统,42名最高法院法官和 150多名诺贝尔奖得主. Phi Beta Kappa的成员身份是一种高度的荣誉 regarded by employers, and key holders are presented with opportunities for networking 以及终身的知识和公民参与.

To be considered, students must have excellent grades in studies showing a breadth 人文学科的知识. 大多数同修都是大三和大四的学生,毕业了 学生有时会被邀请.

Initiates are recognized each April at Honors Convocation, and each year one Phi Beta 在荣誉晚宴上宣布卡帕高级奖学金获得者.

We are extremely proud of TCU’s affiliation with Phi Beta Kappa and the achievements of our initiates.


Eligibility for election to membership in course shall be contingent upon fulfillment 以下最低要求. 章节将确定具体的 本规定所称标准的适用.

  1. Eligible students shall be candidates for a bachelor’s degree in a College of Arts 和科学或与之对应的机构.
  2. They shall be majoring in an area of the liberal arts or sciences. If departments of economics, music, political science, or other subjects normally offered in a College of Arts and Sciences are classified in another division of the institution, students majoring in these subjects may be considered if they are candidates for a bachelor’s 艺术与科学学院的学位.
  3. They shall include not less than 90 semester hours (or the equivalent) of liberal arts work among the 120 hours ordinarily required for the degree, exclusive of required 体育课程和军事课程.
  4. Students electing a combined curriculum in such fields as law, medicine, dentistry, or engineering may be considered if they take at least 90 semester hours or the equivalent of liberal arts work in a College of Arts and Sciences, complete at least half of the requirements for a liberal arts major, and meet all of the other requirements 本规定中定义的.
  5. Grades earned in applied or professional work shall not be counted in computing the 申请资格的平均绩点. 应用性和专业性工作 be understood to include those courses intended primarily to develop skills or vocational techniques in such fields as business administration, education, engineering, home economics, journalism, library science, military science, physical education, communications, 文秘、演讲、应用艺术和音乐.
  6. Weight shall be given to the breadth and proportion of the program of each candidate as shown by the number and variety of courses taken outside the major.
  7. Candidates shall have demonstrated, by successful work in high school or college, or in the two together, a knowledge of mathematics and of a foreign language at least 最低限度地适合通识教育. 在任何情况下,这都不意味着少于 the completion of the intermediate college level in a foreign language, or its equivalent, and the equivalent of two years of college preparatory secondary school mathematics. 任何一项要求都可以通过能力测试来满足.

The Stipulations Concerning Eligibility for Membership in Course were adopted by the 美国大学优等生荣誉学会会员. 自1952年以来成立的分会是必需的 are requested, to observe the Stipulations, which, as printed above, incorporate revisions made by the Twenty-Ninth Council in September 1970, and amendments adopted by written 1991年7月各分会投票表决.

注:上述要求规定了 minimum 选举时应考虑的要求. 每一章只允许归纳 10% of the number of the preceding year’s graduates who earned degrees in the liberal arts and sciences. Members of the TCU chapter meet to examine the transcripts of persons meeting the minimum requirements to elect the best of those candidates to fill the available induction spaces. 并非所有符合最低要求的学生都是如此 elected to membership.

The TCU Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Delta of Texas, consists of all faculty and staff on campus who have been elected to PBK, no matter where or when. If you are a member 并不在此名单上,请联系 Jodi Campbell.


Jodi Campbell, History

Vice President
Greg Friedman, Mathematics

David Grant, Religion

Rob Garnett, John V. Roach Honors College

David Moessner, Religion


Mikio Akagi, John V. Roach Honors College
Victor A. Belfi、数学、名誉
Bonnie Blackwell, English
Cathy D. C. Block, Education, Emerita
Colby Bosher,学术顾问,John V. Roach Honors College
Jodi Campbell, History
Carrie Currier,政治学
Robert Doran, Mathematics
Ze-Li Dou, Mathematics
Anne Frey, English
Greg Friedman, Mathematics
Robert Garnett, John V. Roach Honors College
Theresa Gaul, English
Ann George, English
Daniel Gil, English
George Gilbert, Mathematics
David Grant, Religion
Amanda Hale, Biology
John Harvey, Economics
Jill Havens, English
Andrea Heitz,大学发展
Sarah Hill, Psychology
John Horner, Biology
Linda Hughes, English
Kevin Knight,行为研究所
Nadia Lahutsky,宗教,荣誉退休
William Meier, History
Amanda Milian, History
David Moessner, Religion
玛丽·莫顿,哈里斯护理学院 & Health Sciences
Robert Neilson, Chemistry
Lauren Nixon, John V. Roach Honors College
C.A. Quarles, Physics, Emeritus
Stephen Quinn, Economics
Nancy J. Ramsay, Dean, Brite Divinity
Kristi Rittby, Mathematics
D. Mike Sacken,教育管理专业
Melissa Schroeder,传播学研究
Rebecca Sharpless, History
Karen Steele,跨学科研究学院院长
Mark Thistlethwaite,艺术史
Robert Vigeland, Accounting
国际研究中心的Tracy Rundstrom Williams说

The Delta of Texas chapter remembers and honors our members who have passed away. 

In Memoriam: 

Don Coerver, History
Arthur Ehlmann,地质学,荣誉退休
Peter Locke, Finance

Spring 2021 Initiation will be held Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 2:00 pm in the BLUU Ballroom.

Each year, TCU’s Delta of Texas selects one Phi Beta Kappa student to be the James W. Newcomer Senior Scholar. This award is named for Dr. James W. 新成员,他是创始成员之一 of TCU’s chapter in 1971 and was instrumental in shaping its development over the following decades.

We are pleased to recognize his contributions by giving this award to the Phi Beta Kappa candidate who best exemplifies the ideals of Phi Beta Kappa as expressed in 它的座右铭是“爱学习是生活的指南”.”



2019: Andreley Bjelland 
2018: Kendra Larach 
2017: Malcolm Baker 
2016: Kelcie Willis 

总部设在华盛顿特区的 Phi Beta Kappa Society offers a variety of programs that champion education in the liberal arts and sciences 培养思想自由:

  • National Arts & Sciences Initiative
  • Visiting Scholar Program
  • Awards and fellowships
  • 关键连接网络事件
  • Alumni associations
  • Publications
  • Podcasts
  • Digital book club